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CRL Technologies provides comprehensive, competitive and flexible array of employee benefits.

CRL's benefit program includes the following:

TIME OFF BENEFITS - Time with family, friends or even a day to yourself is a great way to get refreshed.  Work life balance means a more productive workforce.  CRL offers paid time off benefits including paid vacation and paid holidays.

HEALTH/WELLNESS BENEFITS - Healthy people mean a healthy workforce.  CRL understands that a health and wellness program is the key to maintaining a healthy workforce.  CRL offers health coverage including medical insurance, dental insurance and vision plan coverage options.

INCOME-PROTECTING BENEFITS - CRL includes life, short term and long term disability insurance plans to assist in the event of injury, illness or death.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS - CRL offers flexible spending accounts allowing employees to reserve pre-tax dollars in a health care or dependent care spending account.

RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN - CRL offers a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan.  The plan is a convenient way for employees to save for retirement and meet future financial goals.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING - CRL supports employees in their learning goals through education and training benefits including a tuition reimbursement benefit program.  This program covers tuition and fees up to an annual maximum in an employee's pursuit of higher education.