Our People:

CRL Technologies' employees are our most important asset.  We value their expertise and skills, and strive to provide each person with the freedom to grow personally and professionally. 


Quality management includes the processes required to ensure that project results will satisfy customer requirements. The CRL Team will practice the following aspects of quality management:

  • Quality Planning involves identifying which quality standards (PMBOK, CMMI, ISO, etc) are relevant to the project and its products, and determining how to satisfy them. We believe that quality must be planned in, not inspected in.
  • Quality assurance involves evaluating the overall project processes and must be performed on a regular basis to provide confidence the project will meet or exceed the established quality standards (such as subcontractor management).
  • Quality control involves monitoring specific project results and products to determine that they comply with the quality standard. Quality control utilizes methods such as sampling, inspection, control charts, Ishikawa diagrams and Pareto charts.

The CRL Team applies quality management as a means to an end – the purpose being to improve customer satisfaction by understanding and managing project activities so that customer expectations are met. Preventing failures before they occur is far more cost effective than it is to correct them. Quality is integral to the project planning process.